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Relocating a Business To New Premises Requires Proper Planning and Execution

Relocating a Business To New Premises Requires Proper Planning and Execution

A business must have the right premises to conduct its business. It needs to be convenient for both its staff and clients to visit, there must be adequate space to house its staff comfortably, it needs to be well lit and ventilated, and must have some scope for expansion.

It is when one or more of these factors start inconveniencing the business, that the necessity may arise for its relocation to a better place. The relocation may also be a result of expiry of a lease. Such relocations may also come about because moving to another state can make for better financial sense because of the tax and other incentives offered. The need for better infrastructure so that it does not impede shipping of goods, better public transportation facilities, and uninterrupted power are often reasons for a business having to relocate.

Running your business from a new location can be exciting and if you have moved into a larger space, both employees and visitor will benefit. Any move, however, must be one that is done seamlessly and without in anyway interrupting the business operations. Preparing a business for moving its premises needs proper planning and forethought. It has to start with first locating the new space, depending on the requirements that take all the above mentioned factors into consideration. The price or lease rent has to be one that the business can sustain in the long run. Once the location is finalized, it is important that the new space is visited and its present condition and environment assessed. If any changes are required, steps must be taken to make the needed modifications well before you plan to move to the new business space.

It is now necessary to develop an office layout in the new premises, that takes into consideration the requirements of each department, for office space, electricity outlets, communication and other things that need to be taken into consideration. Telephone lines, power lines, arrangements for internet connections and all other infrastructure that an office needs must be assessed and put in place. All stationery and business cards must be updated to include the new address. These changes also need to be communicated to all parties that the business normally deals with. If found necessary these changes must also be advertised in trade magazines and local papers so that the knowledge is out for everyone to understand. You may also need to create new signage for the new premises, both inside and outside.

Now, that you have made all the necessary arrangements in the new office space where you would be relocating, it is time to plan the move itself. Start with making an inventory of all the items in your present office , and start discarding things that are not really necessary. This includes old furniture, documents that are no longer required, and other items that may have no use in the new premises. This must be done systematically, and listed for purposes of any financial needs. This may be the right time to replace old uncomfortable chairs and arrange for those that are ergonomic.

You now need to make a schedule for the moving. The timeline must be realistic and doable. Inform this date to all staff and employees, so that they are prepared for the move in any way that they need. Visit the new location agan, and make sure that it is ready to be occupied, and has all the necessary infrastructure in place. Make sure that you give enough time for the move, so that they can sort out their stuff and arrange for its packing well in advance. You will need to arrange for packing supplies well before this and see that it is available to anyone who needs it.

Arrange for the packers and transporters and inform them of the schedule. Take advantage of weekends and holidays for the packing, shifting and moving. Prepare proper lists of all items and see that they are properly labelled. Make a plan for unloading each of the packed items in the places where they are meant to be. This can save time for unpacking and setting up the office again. Moving computers and setting them up is an important thing that needs attention.

Start your move and get your new office working as soon as possible.

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