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How to Pick a Quality Carpet Cleaning Service

How to Pick a Quality Carpet Cleaning Service

Your carpet needs to be professionally cleaned on all regular basis if you want your carpets to last. Choosing the right carpet cleaning company is important, you need a company that not only does a good job but one that can handle they type of carpets that you have.  When you’re choosing a carpet cleaning company there are some things that you should consider.  Here is what to look for in a carpet cleaning company.


Anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a carpet cleaning company that doesn’t mean that they have the equipment or experience to handle your delicate silk carpet.  Look for a company that has been operating for at least a couple of years and they have cleaned a variety of carpets in that time.  The last thing you need is some inexperienced carpet cleaner causing damage to your home.


You can ask friends, family or colleagues for someone that they recommend.  If that doesn’t get you a couple of companies to call then you can always do a search online, but you want to check out the reviews from previous clients.  Google provides clients the chance to leave a review and you can check other sites like Yelp or Home Advisor.

What Service do They Offer

You want to make sure they offer the services you are looking for.  For example if you look at this carpet cleaning Gold Coast company they can handle standard carpet but if you have decorative area rugs or wool rugs you want to ask first.  If you want your upholstery cleaned at the same time are they able to do it.  You also want to know what type of cleaning they do is it wet or dry.  A company that offers both carpet cleaning and rug cleaning would be a good choice if you need both those done in one go.  Not all carpets should be steam cleaned so make sure you ask lots of questions before you book a time.

How Much do They Charge

The cheapest isn’t usually the best option, nor is the most expensive the best.  Check first for companies that have positive recommendations and then check their pricing.  Bear in mind carpet cleaning companies have expensive equipment that allows them to do their jobs and that is reflected in their pricing.  You will have to balance quality with cost just like any other purchase.

When you are getting quotes make sure that you ask all the right questions so that you get the level of service that you are looking for.  Your carpets deserve it!

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